Using check box to select folders and files for copy


I want to be able to copy multiple folders (albums e.g. B/Beethoven/Beethoven - Fifth Symphony and B/Berlioz/Berlioz - Symphony Fantastique.) to a portable music player, and thought that I might be able to use check boxes to achieve this by selecting the folders I want and then copying them in one go, instead of choosing each folder and copying it before choosing the next one.

I can turn on check box mode in the folder menu, and change the default preference called "Cancel Checkbox mode when folder is change" from on to off, but when I select anything and navigate to another folder and select that the original checkbox is cleared. I haven't even got to the bit where I choose where to copy the selected folders to.

I've probably gone off in completely the wrong direction, so back to my original thing I'm trying to do - is it possible to select multiple files and folders in a directory structure and then choose where to copy them so they are copied in one go?


From your description it sounds like you just need to turn on Flat View.

I've just been experimenting with flat view for the first time but it takes a long time on the nas to generate the whole structure and then I might use just 10 folders out of thousands, whereas with normal mode I know where to navigate to to select the folder I want, and then on to the next one, if that makes sense.

Yes I see. Well in that case you really have to just start multiple copy jobs - although by default they'll be queued, so really it's not much different from what you were trying to achieve other than you have to remember to click Copy before changing to the next folder (and I suggest using Dual Display if you're not already, so clicking Copy automatically queues to the destination file display rather than prompting you for a folder each time).

OK just had a go with your suggestion and yes I am using dual display so that works great, except, once that first copy starts automatically the whole thing gets a bit unresponsive as now I'm asking asking the nas to copy and move speedily between folders which isn't going to happen. This will work fine though if there's a way to put the first copy into a queue and then build up the queue behind it as I select other folders. Then when I'm ready I start the queue and off it goes. Is there a way to do that?

One simple way is that I can hit the Pause button when the first copy starts and then add to the queue whilst it is paused, then hit restart and off it goes...

...looking good.

My NAS doesn't have a problem navigating through its structure while a copy is running, but if yours does then yes - pausing the first job while you set up all the others is probably your best option.

Thanks jon, I have a working solution! Much appreciated.