Using Date Codes in Filters

Background: Trying to find pictures for a list of "Today, x years ago"

This command works:

Find NAME=*.jpg IN "F:\Photos\2017\*{date|MM-dd}*" RECURSE

But this does not:

Find NAME=*.jpg IN "F:\Photos\*\*{date|MM-dd}*" RECURSE

So I tried to use a Filter, but couldn't get it to work with the date code:

Full path Match *\*{date|MM-dd}*\*

(I have put F:\Photos\* and *.jpg in separate lines, seems to speed things up)

Is it possible to use the date code in filters? Do I need to escape anything?

P.S.: In case you were wondering - this kludge works:

Find NAME=*.jpg IN "F:\Photos\2000\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2001\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2002\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2003\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2004\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2005\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2006\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2007\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2008\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2009\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2010\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2011\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2012\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2013\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2014\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2015\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2016\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2017\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2018\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2019\*{date|MM-dd}*" "F:\Photos\2020\*{date|MM-dd}*" RECURSE


It's not currently possible, but something which would enable that type of thing is planned.