Using Find in a manner similar to Explorer

In the Windows file manager it is simple to find an item in the folder or subfolder: simply push F3 and begin entering part of the file name. All extraneous files disappear and the search narrows with each keystroke as you get more specific. Is there a way to make Directory Opus behave similarly? The way it works for me is that the Find feature opens when using Ctrl-F and then one must enter the target folder (which is not likely to be the one specified in DO) if it is not listed. I am sure the extra features are desirable in some cases but not all. In my case I am editing a number of documents with filenames derived from a part number and the search is much faster than finding it manually.

I've been using DO for many years and this is the only time I recall finding the stock file manager in Windows preferable. For that reason I suspect there is a DO feature I am not seeing.

F3 does the same in Opus as in Explorer, unless you've removed the Search field from the default toolbar.

If you're only aiming to filter by filename, and only filter what's currently displayed (not search into subfolders), pushing * to open the Filter Bar and start typing into that is better, as it will give you instant results as you type your wildcard.

Leo, thanks on this. I agree on the filter as a quick way to look through the current view.