Using 'Find' in collections

I am trying program a button to search for a file in a selection of archives. The Find command only works on folders, so this is not an option:

Find mypicture.jpg IN D:\Data\2018*.rar ARCHIVES RECURSE

So I tried to use collections:

Find 2018*.rar     IN D:\Data                           RECURSE CLEAR COLLNAME MyFindCollection1
Find mypicture.jpg IN coll://MyFindCollection1 ARCHIVES RECURSE       COLLNAME MyFindCollection2

Again no success. Find doesn't accept collections, either, it seems. Or does it?

How could I program this two-stage search?

You can use REFINE to apply one search on top.of another, but you can also do things in a sibgle search by using a filter.

Is REFINE an argument for the Find command? I couldn't find anything in the help.

I tried this filter, but didn't succeed:

That 2nd part of that filter would only match the archive itself. Add \* at the end after the .rar.

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