Using labels with Office 365 SharePoint and OneDrive

On my laptop pc and desktop pc i enabled all three of the Opus label setting preferences to store in file system.

My SharePoint is set to "download files on demand"

i can set persistent colors using the Opus context menu but if i browse using Opus to the same file on a diffent pc (same Office 365 user account) file color is not applied.

Both pcs show OneDrive blue cloud is up to date.

Is it that SharePoint does not support NTFS file attributes?

Have a look in Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Label Assignments and see if the label / file is listed there.

If it is there, it means the label wasn't stored in NTFS.

That could happen due to the drive not supporting NTFS metadata, but could also happen if Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Labels / Automatically store labels in the file system if possible or the parent option above it are turned off.

Preferences for labels seem to be set identically on both Win 10 machines that are logged in the same Office 365 account. Opus is used to browse OneDrive which is synched to the local drive on each machine.

The One Drive test file displayed on both machines in Opus has a green checkmark = "available on this device" not a cloud icon.

On pc 1 i changed the file color to orange. The color of that same file on pc 2 did not change after 5 minutes. The OD tool tray icon on each machine says OD synching is up to date.

Neither machine shows any file in Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Label Assignments . Empty.

It's possible / likely that OneDrive will not sync NTFS metadata, or at least not if the metadata is the only thing about the file which has changed. I don't know for sure, though; it's a detail for OneDrive, which is constantly changing as well.