Using MP3-FILEINFO to open a Path

It's just a little Gimmick Iwant to realize.
I'm using a Button to Rename and Move MP3-files. The Button renames the Files using ID3-Tags and creates a Folderstructure like this: "Genre\Artist\Album\Tracknumber Title.mp3".
Then the whole thing is moved to "/mymusic\Albums". It also deletes the now empty Source Folder and goes to the Parent Folder.
At last it opens the Path "/mymusic\albums" in the Destination Pane (DUALPATH) at the current state. What I'd like to have is, that it opens the whole new Path "/mymusic\Albums\Genre\Artist\Album".

My MP3 ButtonSelect ALL Rename FILEINFO PATTERN "*.mp3" TO "{mp3genre}\{mp3artist}\{mp3album}\{mp3track|#2} {mp3title}.mp3" Copy MOVE * TO /mymusic\Albums Delete FILE . QUIET Go .. DUALPATH /mymusic\Albums
To get the FILEINFO into the last command (e.g. "DUALPATH /mymusic\Albums{mp3genre}{mp3artist}{mp3album}") needs some tricky VB-Script I think because FILEINFO only refers to the RENAME command. I read about "Abusing Rename Scripts" here:

This could really solve the Problem by copying "{mp3genre}{mp3artist}{mp3album}" to the Clipboard so the last Part could be simply this:
Go .. DUALPATH /mymusic\Albums{clip}

But unfortunately I cant do this by myself because I know nothing about VB-Scripts.
I would be very happy to get some friendly help with this.

Here ya go:

It''s exactly what I wanted. I searched the forum but couldn't find that thread. I'm better in finding things in german language.
Many many Thanks to you leo!!!
I'll try the Button when I'm at home but I'm sure it will work.

... searched the forum but couldn't find that thread. [/quote]

Probably not, since Leo just wrote it today!

Ooops, paralyzed by the thread I didn't notice the posting date. Never thought it's the answer to my request in such a short time.
All the more I'm impressed by the quick and helpful support in this forum.
Many thanks again, leo!

I tested the Button now and everything works like a charm (after editing the .wma's to .mp3's). But I got a little Problem with the rmdir {$OriginalSource} command not deleting the empty folder. I'll post details in leo's new Thread.