Using named filter in a button?

I am familiar with filtering like so...


..but I have so far been unable to work out how to filter using a saved/named filter. In pseudo-code, what I want is...

set SHOWFILTER=myfilter

No doubt there is an easy way.

Regards, AB

You have to use the Select command. For example,

Select FILTER myfilter FILTERFLAGS=hide

Note that using a filter this way is one-time action on the current Lister. The filter does not "remain in effect" as such - when you run the command, the filter is applied to the files in the Lister, and that's it. If any new files are added the filter would not be applied to them until the command was executed again.

That was the starter I needed. In my case...

select FILTER=myfilter FILTERFLAGS=hidenomatch

..does exactly what I want.

Thanks. AB