Using NoteTab Pro to open text files

Before I did a recent reinstall of Opus 9. I thought I could do the following.

Put the cursor focus on a text file, and then click on the NoteTab icon I put on my toolbar to run NoteTab Pro. The file would then open in NoteTab Pro.

I guess a setting somewhere must have changed. as when I do that now, NoteTab Pro opens, but to a blank screen - the txt file does not open. If I do double click the file in question, it does open in NoteTab Pro.

But sometimes, I want to open a file to edit, and the file might be something such as a *.bat file. And double clicking on that would run the bat file, which I do not want.

What is the path to the setting to click on my NoteTab Pro icon, and have it open the selected text file?

Ron Hirsch

Just add {f} after the full path to the NoteTab executable.

C:\Program Files\Notetab Pro 5\NotePro.exe {f}

I have my NoteTab button set up as a 3 button button. A left mouse click opens NoteTab Pro without loading any files while a right or middle mouse click opens (or switches to) NoteTab loading the selected files.

My setup is similar to John Z except I run NotePro Portable and I use {F} so that multiple selected files are opened concurrently.

... notepro.exe /usb {F}

Regards, AB

AB it's been years since I set up my NoteTab button in Opus but checking the code now it appears that either {f} or {F} will work nicely. With either one NoteTab opens each selected file in a new tab on my machine.

Best put that in quotes so it doesn't go wrong when something creates C:\Program :slight_smile:

"C:\Program Files\Notetab Pro 5\NotePro.exe" {f}

Thank you all for the info.

All is now well

Ron Hirsch