Using opus 10 config in opus 11

I have been using an Opus config for years that has a tool bar between the two Commander style lister's I think it was called Magellan style. I just installed Opus 11 and went to the saved config file from Opus 10 and restored my config file using the file from 10. I lost the center tool bar, so I went in and tried a config file from Opus 9 that was setup the same way and again no center tool bar. Several hours later I can't get my 70 year old brain to wrap around the problem and figure it out. Thank You for many help. JS

Adding the toolbar back (it should still be there in the list if you imported your config, it just needs turning back on) is the easiest way to get it back.

After turning it on and placing it where you want it, use Settings / Toolbars / Set As Default Toolbar Set to save things so that new windows use the same toolbars (this is a new thing in Opus 11, since each window can now have independent toolbars).

Thanks Leo, but still no go the tool bar down the center is gone. The rest comes over as set up just the center bar is gone. Guess I'll uninstall and try the 32 bit version see if that make a difference. Or just start from scratch and rebuild the bar in Opus 11.

The 32-bit version won't be any different and won't install on 64-bit Windows.

When you say the toolbar is gone, do you just mean you can't see it when you open a new lister, or did you look in the list of toolbars to see if it was there and could be switched back on?

Have you tried going back to your Opus 10 backup in case your earlier Opus 9 backup pre-dated that toolbar?

I looked in the tool bars and it isn't there, I have tried a config back up from Opus 9 and Opus ten same thing. Fact is I turned everything on in tool bars and it wasn't there. I have a backup laptop I'll dig out and see if I can get the config file off it, I also have version 10 on a USB drive but when I try and load it on the system I now have 11 on it loads 11 and not 10. I'm sure there is just some little thing I'm not doing right or seeing. Thanks for the help.

If Opus 11 is already running (possibly in the background), you'd need to fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) before running Opus 10 from the USB stick, else it would just tell the already-running instance to open a new window.

Thank you Leo for the help, I spent a little time today and made a new tool bar down the center of Opus 11 thought it might be time I updated it a little. I've been using much the same style lister from way back on the Amiga and just kept using it after I went to windows.