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Using Opus to identify differences in similar directory trees

I have two separate copies of a complex directory with over 100 sub-folders and 7,500+ files.
The copies should be - but are not - identical. I need to identify the differences in these directory trees,
so that they end up faithful copies of each other. The differences are probably less that 5%, but I cannot afford to lose
5% of the files.
Any suggestions how I can do this with Opus?

Ron Zweig

Built into Opus:

[ul][li]Synchronize panel[/li]
[li](Copying Updated Files may also be of interest.)[/li][/ul]
The built-in Sync panel may be all you need. But, if not, you can use Opus to launch dedicated diff/merge tools which are even more powerful and integrate well using either of these scripts:

[ul][li]"Smart" front end for Beyond Compare[/li]
[li]External Compare and Merge Tools[/li][/ul]

fantastic, thanks