Using Opus to manage & organise photos

I'd like to start using Opus to organise all my photos and I think tagging them would help a lot. I know you can use the metadata panel to set tags but each time I tag a photo I just see a blank box and I have to try and remember what tags i've previously used. Is there anyway to view all the tags i've previously created so I know i'm using consistent tags across all my photos?

Ideally it would be nice to click the tag box and i'd be able to see and then select a previously created tag.

Unless i'm missing something using tags requires a good memory not only in adding tags but also when you need to search by tag as again you have to remember and then type the tag name rather than being able to select an existing tag.

You could have a look at this script one of our users has written:

I shall take a look at this Tagger script thanks.

I've just noticed that when you start typing a tag in the Windows File Explorer metadata window it pops up a window that lists all the existing tags that match and you can then select it. Could this be added to Opus do you think?

I had the same problem as reck. I looked at the tagger script and brilliant though it is, it seemed a bit over the top for what I needed to edit captions. So I had a go at writing my own in VB script. I have attached it to a button for you to try if you wish.

You can rename your picture by typing the new name (you can only do this one picture at a time, obviously and the script will stop you if you try to rename more than one picture)

The way I have set it up on this button, if you type "own" NO QUOTES in the copyright field it will set the copyright field to "me" and the photographer field to "mine". If you go into the script at Around line 200 you can easily change this to your own name.

Also if you type leave the copyright field blank, it will be attributed to "Unknown" and the photographer field will be "unknown".

The script also includes a calculation to tell you the maximum size you can print to on your printer. My inkjet uses 240 dpi. It yours is different you can easily change it. I find this very useful.

As you will see from the screen shot the script also reveals the EXIF data for the file, which, of course, is non-editable.

I have captioned hundreds of images using this script and I find it saves me so much time.

Here is the button. Just copy it to a toolbar and away you go.

Caption.dcf (42.3 KB)

I can recommend the Tagger very much. :+1: