Using "Set File/Folder Colours" from a context menu to change colour display of folder/file names

I'm running Win 10 on a desktop PC and Win 11 on a Laptop.
­­I am not a clever technie so I don't use Dopus a lot to change the way I interact with Windows. If I work out a solution, months or years later I forger details of how I did it,

Several years ago, I used Preferences -> Labels to define a range of colour options that appeared on my context menu as "Set File/Folder Colours" when I right-click on a file or folder. So I could set a foreground/background colour for any file/folder name by choosing it from the drop-down list.
I do NOT remember if I did any more than just create the colours in Preferences -> Labels.

BUT if I create a similar colour list on the Laptop, that list does not get added to the context menu as a "Set File/Folder Colours" option.
As well, in Preference, when I assign each colour and click ok, it saves it but terminates the Preferences dialogue and I have to go back into it the long way.

the desktop case :

the laptop case :

The config on one of the machines must date back to an old version, before labels were in the context menus by default.

You can add them to your config as explained here:

Thanks very much, Leo...
I overlooked the built-in Properties -> Set Label on the default Dopus page because I customised it all years ago, and that default layout isn't on my desktop PC anymore.

It works fine now on the Laptop, which hasn't been customised at all.
Thanks for your ready help.

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