Using Shortcuts while editing Filter

Often I use Flat View and then apply FAYT Filter mode. This is a way to navigate quick to multiple different files. Then i have to copy the Fullpathname of all selected files (ctrl + shift + c). This work only when I first press enter and then copy the Fullpathname via shortcut.

It would be easier to edit the filter, navigate with up/down-arrow keys and copy the filenames via shortcut (without pressing enter). In this way I don't have to press Enter all the time.

Is this possible? By the way: this works in Total-Commander, XYplorer and SpeedCommander.

Ctrl + Shift + C only copies the names of selected files. Are you doing a select-all at some point (if the aim is to copy all filenames currently visible)?

It could be replaced by a short script which copies all the names if none are selected, if that helps.

A lot of hotkeys won't work when the FAYT or Filter Bar fields are active because they are edit controls and the hotkeys go to the controls themselves (e.g. so you can cut/copy/paste within the filter you are editing, which is fairly common).

One special case is the FAYT field when in normal Find mode, where it will pass through some hotkeys to the file display.

Getting used to pushing enter after entering the filter doesn't take long in my experience, but we could make it pass more hotkeys through to the file display if needed. The problem is how to know which hotkeys should go through and which should not, seeing as some may be wanted for the edit control itself.

Hi Leo, thank you for the response.

While editing the filter, I see usually a few files and navigate with up/down arrow key through the files. It would be nice to apply shortcuts like copy the fullpathname of the selected file, or copy the selected file or select all visible files and then copy them.

I would suggest, that editing the filter usually done by typing, navigate with left/right arrow/ paste text from the clipboard via ctrl+v to the filter. But the rest of shortcuts must work on the lister. I would prefer Find and Work as You Type :wink:

What would the script look like?