Using ssh config file and keys

I am using windows 10 and Directory Opus 12. Does dopus support using ~/.ssh/config and ~/.ssh/id_rsa directly? I have seen mention of it using pageant, but with windows 10 and powershell, pageant is no longer required and I do not use pageant or putty. I need dopus to use the conventional ssh files without requiring additional tools to be installed or run.

Edit the bookmark / site entry for the SSH site, and set the Authentication drop-down to Use a private key file. You can specify the key file then.

Thanks. That helps a little. But I still have to do the initial connect manually. And the ~/.ssh/config file, which I use via powershell's ssh command, is not used. I have aliases or shortcuts set up in the config file, and I would like to not have to duplicate them in dopus and worry about keeping them consistent. For example, I would like dopus ftp connect to recognize the remote computer via the hostname and user that I have already put into the ~/.ssh/config file.

I don't know anything about Powershell's SSH support, but unless it uses the same protocol as Pageant, it isn't going to do anything in other software which uses that protocol (Opus, PuTTY, etc.). It's probably something custom only Powershell understands/uses.

You should not need to duplicate the whole SSH configuration though, just point Opus to the file. It's just a path in the configuration, assuming it is in the standard key file format.

Powershell is just using conventional openssh. And many windows clients support openssh. How do I point Opus to the config file? Its format is mentioned at but unless Opus supports the well-known openssh protocol, I doubt it will work.

Point it at the key file (using the drop-down I mentioned above). It's a standard format.

You'll need to specify the server address, username and keyfile in the Opus config. Connections will then be automatic without any additional prompting (except possibly to confirm the server fingerprint on the first connect).

So it seems the only part of openssh that Opus supports is the private key file? I request that Opus supports the openssh config file. This is especially important to avoid duplication of (which means eventual inconsistency with) the server address, username, etc.

Many tools (most git clients, powershell, ...) support openssh. I request that Opus supports openssh and its config file too.

Is this the right place to make the request or do I need to submit something somewhere else?

Yep, this is the right place. No need to do anything else.