Using the Squandered Space on the Title bar

hi there
is it possible to have the folder tab bar in the title bar, like in Windows Explorer?

or like the MS Office quick access toolbar? (search bar and the ability to add custom commands and buttons)

it's kind of a wasted space in my opinion.

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It doesn't make sense for the tabs to be there in a dual-pane file manager, where you might have two separate tab bars, one for each side.


yeah, you're right about the tab bar but what about the 2nd image(office quick access toolbar)? you know, my point is to use up the wasted space on the title bar. if only the search field (which takes a lot of space) and some small buttons could be placed on the title bar (just like in the 2nd pic) it'd be neater. especially when dealing with images and image toolbar which adds another toolbar to the mix.
maybe I'm too minimal that I want to add more functionality without adding another toolbar! (I integrated the image toolbar into my two existing toolbars so I can have more space for file display!) :))

One solution is to put a prominent 'switch sides' icon at the beginning/end of the tab list. :slight_smile:

I admit I chose a really bad title. it should've been " Using the Squandered Space on the Title bar " or something along those lines, but I can't edit it now. sorry for the misleading title. :pray:

The title bar isn’t wasted space. It’s used to move the window and display the current path (or other information).

I also think it's a bit wasteful to show only dopus icons and current paths in the title bar.
Putting tabs at the top like Explorer conforms to users 'general operating habits, such as Chrome and Firefox browsers.
2. You can use the logo icon part of the title bar and the empty space outside the tab to move the window, this does not affect the original function
3. Show the current path can be viewed in the file display bar (path navigation bar), which can save space in the title bar.
To solve this problem, I have some suggestions to see if it can be implemented:

  1. Allows title bars to add command buttons, search boxes and other field types like toolbars
  2. Allow toolbar, file display bar, tab bar above title bar
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Tabs at the top makes no sense for a dual-display file manager.


Being able to add buttons or a toolbar to the Title Bar would definitely be nice, as it could save one bar of space, but that's as far as I could imagine that go.

Even then it might be much more work than we could imagine, given things will need to shift around drastically and differently when it comes to the window buttons, different icon sizes and the 'Customize/Preferences/OK/Cancel' buttons being there too at the moment.


Not all users. I stubbornly stick with Firefox because I can, for now, keep the tabs BELOLW the other stuff.

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