V.11 removed my custom menu and I want it back!

Being too trusting, I installed this *&%^$%$# version 11.
And the first thing I get when I log on is a message saying that my customised menus have been replaced.
Jesus H. Christ.
I just spent 2 years creating them.

Can someone explain in English how I can get them back... so I won't have to sue you?

The message said something like "you can still access your menus from the customised dialog,eg. menu --> menu(1)"
Something like that.
That's not quite as undestandable to me as Linear A (a still-undecipherable dead language).

I use my customised menus every hour!

What steps do I need to go though to have them permanently on-screen and immediately accessible.

If that's not possible, can I roll back to v.10 and will they be there as before.


PS: I still can't believe the gall of them being replaced.
You'd think it was Microsoft or Google.

Stay calm, it's easy and covered by the 4th FAQ: Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade.

This is what I got the 2nd button I clicked (after doing almost nothing):

If I didn't uncheck "Save lister layout..." it was in an endless crashing loop... as soon as it restarted, it crashed again.
The button that caused it is the 2nd to the right of "View".

That button (Details+Thumbnails mode) generates thumbnails, so there's probably a thumbnail-provider shell extension that is crashing, or possibly a file in your directory which triggers a bug in Opus's own thumbnail code which nobody has reported yet.

Do you get the same crash if you click the 3rd button (Thumbnails)?

I followed the instruction you gave and got my old custom stuff back (v.10).
Thanks, Leo.
So I don't have the v.11 toolbar available now.

But the only files displayed at the time of the crash was some *MTV (Windows Media Centre) TV shows that were recorded.
5 *wtv files and an empty "TempRec" folder.

BTW it makes sense to have 1-2 backups of the config (I spent 8 years creating it). DO never deleted anything, but your HDD could also crash!

Ok, I reverted to the default menu and tested other buttions.
All 3 buttons to the right of "View" cause crashes (against, to break the cycle, have to uncheck that check box)
Each of the 3 causes the same error.

Hi, Sasa
How do I back up the config and how could I use the backup if I had to?

DO offers a backup-option. Just go to "menu > settings > backup & restore".

Thanks for that, Sasa.
Done and dusted!

If video files are causing thumbnail crashes it's usually due to a buggy video codec or demuxer.

Ok, I tried other directories.
.txt, .jpg, .png, .avi, .mkv, .mp4
All display fine.
But Opus falls over when there are wtv file types. First button is ok, next 2 buttons to the right don't like it.

Any codec-pack installed?

BTW, then they are recording/playing, I'm pretty sure they use the Shark007 codec.
I got WMC setup for me so I'm no expert on it.
But Opus crashes when the .wtv files are passive, not when they are playing.

If necessary I always install K-Lite (Basic-version is enough) and it works over years now on lots of PC's without any issues. A few months ago I tested Shark007, but it's too complicated on install for unexperienced users and no alternative to K-Lite (for me).

Well, they say there's 2 certainties in life: death and taxation.
There's 1 more: I'm not changing the codec.
WMC is temperamental enough.
The setup works as is and I'm not messing with it.

"Never change a running system"... if it DOES run! And you already changed your sys: You upgraded DO :wink:.

WMC plays all common formats by default (except "exotic" formats like .flv) and needs no codec pack. It needs just a fix to play .mkv.

But to find out what's going wrong you have to try some things, which could mess your sys. So why not creating a sys-backup (e.g. with free Macrium Reflect)? You could uninstall Shark then, try K-Lite (or others) if you want and will never mess your running sys, because you can recover it!

PS: You should try XMBC as mediacenter or - for television - DVBViewer :wink:.

Mate, all that makes my head spin (like Linda Blair's, in "The Exorcist"... around and around and around... at high speed!)
Talk about a propeller head!
Yes, presumably I could create a restore point and then fool around with it but... the thought turns my knees to water.
I'm a wimp.

No, you're not a wimp, just try it! Uninstalling a codec-pack shouldn't mess your sys these days and you can reinstall it. But - as there's never a 100% guarantee - when playing around it's always good to have a backup (like from now on you will have a backup of DO's config :slight_smile:).

And never forget: You can always reinstall a sys, but never your data! So having a good backup-tool is most important, but Windows' Restore Points won't help on e.g. a HDD-crash.