V11.19 update


I'm trying to install the update 11.19 but the installation wizard doesn't allow me to choose the destination folder. The update is installed in C:\ drive but I have the application installed in P:. So, the software is not updated correctly and when I restart the PC I got the new avilable version notification again. I'm using Windows 8.

How can I solve that?

Where does %ProgramFiles% take you to if you enter it into the File Explorer location bar? I believe the installer should be using that, unless a previous install went to another place.

Uninstalling, rebooting, then installing again may reset the path it uses. But not that it will also wipe your Opus configuration.

If needed, you can manually backup the configuration by copying three folders (or just one; the other two are less important). That should be done before uninstall.

Thank you for you reply.

%ProgramFiles% takes me to C: but I chose P: when I installed Directory Opus for the first time. Previous updates have been installed in P: correcty. This is the first update I've had problems.

If I uninstall Directory Opus, can I install the 11.19 update directly or I must install a previous version and then upgrade it?

The installer doesn't usually ask where to install the program, but does on some systems. I think it may be down to a system setting somewhere which InstallShield checks, although I am not the resident InstallShield expert.

The 11.19 update is a standalone installer which will work both on clean systems and to update over previous versions. There shouldn't be any need to install any previous versions first.

If you used the auto-updater previously and need the installer .exe, you can grab it from our downloads page.

If you're updating an existing install, the installer will always write over the old one as far as I know. You should be able to tell it's doing an update install because there'll be text in one of the dialog boxes saying something like "Updating version (x.y.z) to version (x.y.z)".