V11 custom buttons ok in v12?


I'm no expert so navigating all the threads doesn't help me get a clear picture sometimes.
I'd like confirmation that installing v12 will retain my custom buttons ok (see image below).
The way I have set up v11.19 x64 allows me to do everything I need at warp speed.
Today, I purchased a v12 upgrade but am still holding off the install... nervously... for this reason.
(with the upgrade payment, I just have to forego food for 10 days !)

This is what I mean (please... don't laugh) :


Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade.

Thank you, jon.
(that was an old post you linked me to ... 5+ years old, hah! ... an oldie but a goodie.)

Not where they were.
Been replaced by new default.
Says they've been copied and can still be used.
Can you tell me HTF I do that?
I'm just a normal person.
I go to settings -> Customise toolbars -> get a box with the list of toolbars... which ones are my renamed custom ????

This is what I feared?
For the life of me - know users have spent years tweaking their Opus display... why can't the new "defaults" be renamed and available if wanted, instead of the other way around.

And the installation/restart seems to have stuffed up my Firefox.
Unlikely I know but nothing else was done.
Everything fine, I install v12, restart, run Firefox and this open window is the only one that works (that I can select).
Everything else on Firefox is unselectable.
I can use this opened tab but I can't end it.

Seems this software is still in alpha phase.
Can I uninstall it, go back to v13 and get my money back?
Really, I don't have any more hair to lose jumping through hoops.

go back to v11, I mean !

Did you read the FAQ I linked? Everything you need to know is in there.

Yes, I read it. Or tried to get through the convolutions.
I reset the toolbar ok... but its lost when I log out and log in again. I'm not surprised, of course.
And my registration details were apparently sent to my Paypal primary email instead of my registered Opus email (I'll never get the logiic of that... my Paypal should have nothing to do with Opus). Needless to say, it's not there.
So, DO 12, after all that, still isn't smart enough to allow me anything except a 60 day trial version. I've got order number, receipt number, previous v11 registration number... and still can't get what I effin paid for.
You seem to have taken the worst of registration from the old days and combined all the different alternatives in 1 package.
I am so pissed out when this brain-dead process that I don't trust myself to speak any further.
The "haha-upgrade" process took my Firefox with it during restart. That's another effin week rebuilding a new install.
This will be the last DO upgrade I ever do. I swear.

We're happy to help you with your issues but you will need to calm down a little bit first.

All that's changed is that your old toolbars have been turned off, and as is clearly stated in the FAQ you just need to turn them back on again and save them as the default toolbar set - a process that takes less than 10 seconds.

When you pay via paypal orders are sent to the registered paypal email as a security measure (so that someone can't buy Opus using a stolen paypal account). All you have to do is check that email address to get the licence.

Opus doesn't affect Firefox, so any problems you have with that or any other software are off topic for this forum.

Hello, jon
My apologies for the meltdown.
• I eventually unearthed the email in what used to be the primary PayPal email (I changed it yesterday) ; in the spam folder after about 200 junk mails. I made a cursory check soon after payment but all I could see then were the usual suspects (who wanted to add 3 metres to my manhood, or hot women who saw my facebook pic and thought I was hot... even though it doesn't exist, etc). So I installed v12. Unfortunately, the email address associated with that is still the old PayPal primary (which I won't be using again anywhere).

• You can remove my previous post. I agree it's a bit excessive.
(the result of everything that could go wrong did... all at once... regardless of what caused the errors...)

Thanks again.

I kind of had the same issue as you (didn't bother checking spam folder).
If you go to the gpsoft site, then Support>My Account>log in with your paypal email/reg code, and then you can get the cert. You can also click "Modify User Record" and change the email address.

Hey, ChoGGi
Thank you.
Yes, I had set my right email address in my gpsoft account.
But Gpsoft uses a different email (the Paypal primary email) if you buy using Paypal (because of possible buys using stolen Paypal accounts). The irony is that Paypal is more secure for me than sharing my credit card details with every purchase (D'Opus, viagra, etc).
Not sure what gets done with the more common stolen credit cards.
Anyway, I've changed my primary Paypal email now so I hope that makes things easier. I just wish I'd done it before buying the software but that's my mistake (I'm challenged when it comes to computer stuff... to the point of embarrassment).

I meant you could change the email back to your regular one after buying with the paypal one (if it matters)