V12.5 install problems

The install went OK and I rebooted. When I tried DOpus I get "The procedure entry point SafePathAppend could not be located in the dynamic link library ....dopusrt.exe

When I click OK, It comes up OK, but I'm still on V11. When I right click on Dopus.exe and go to properties, it does say 11.18 and the date is 10/06/2016. There were no error messages that I could see during the installation.

As an update, I just looked in Control Panel/Programs and Features and it thinks that I am on 12.5. I have Windows 10.

Please verify the installer you're using was completely downloaded and not corrupted by checking its digital signature.

If the installer is correct, please try running it again and allowing it to restart the machine at the end, if asks to.

If things are still wrong after that, the most likely cause is probably antivirus blocking the new binaries from being written into the directory. Please check the antivirus logs and try disabling the virus scanner before running the installer. (Of course, only do this if the installer's digital signature is valid, else it could be a modified installer from someone else.) This has caused the above problem for a couple of people before.

Thank you Leo. Unfortunately it didn't help.The signature was correct and I turned off the virus scanner (Windows Defender) but exactly the same thing happened. I am installing into E:\Program Files\ instead of the usual C:\ folder. Could this make a difference? I was able to manually copy a file into the folder but since this is seen as just a data folder by the operating system that is hardly suprising. It's strange that V11 has been in that folder with no problems. Would it help if I deinstalled it and reinstalled into C: ?

Uninstall/reinstall is worth a try, yes.

Be sure to backup your config first if you want to keep it (Settings > Backup & Restore if you can reinstall Opus 11 and run it successfully, else see the FAQs area for how to do a manual backup if needed).

At the end of the uninstall it may prompt you to reboot. Please do so that the files are fully removed, then run the Opus 12 installer.

Installing to E:\Program Files should be OK provided the area is correctly permissioned, but installing to the default location is more recommended, just to avoid extra complications.

If you have moved your Temp folder to another drive as well, some people have reported that it may cause problems with InstallShield, so that may also be worth considering. (We don't have anything solid on that yet, so it may not be an issue, at the same time, or it may depend on how the temp folder has been moved and whether all OS settings that point to it are consistent and the permission are correct.)