V13.2 Change folders in new tabs

Confession, I know it is a newbie question, but I simply forgot...
(vainly searched for the solution, although I sure it is there)

When switching to another folder, e.g. selecting from "Favorites", I'd like the new folder to be displayed in a new tab.
If my memory serves me well I had this "ON" a long time ago.
However, when jumping back and forth between folders, the number of tabs increased and the tab title wasn't displayed, so one way or the other I seem to have disabled it.

But where, in settings, can I find it?


Thanks. I have Go NEWTAB=findexisting in the 'Default' box.
Thing is: that works well, when selecting folders in the foldertree, see 'info' in your above screenshot. Opus adds new tabs or jump to existing ones.

But I can't get the same behavior when using an entry from the favorites?

Current workaround: add a new tab first and then open whatever entry from the favorites list.
Then the new tab will be used.

That said, maybe I am on the wrong track and it is not possible at all.

Go to Customize..

Head to your Favorites menu and edit the Favorite Locations 'button'.

Then add NEWTAB=findexisting in the Command Editor.

Is that it?

Probably I found it: I have always been using favorites from the menu bar.
Likely the new tab doesn't work there.

Favorites also show up in the Folder Tree. However, as said, I never used them from there.
The new tab works fine from Favorites in Folder Tree.

Have some weird entries in the "Toolbar"-favorites list and have no idea how to get rid them.
They do not show in Edit Favorites.

Any suggestions?

I don't have Favorites in the menu bar. It probably carried over from an older installation or you've added it yourself at some point. In default Opus 13 there is a new horizontal Favorites toolbar, and when you disable toolbar, a menu in the Location Bar is activated instead.

But anyway, you probably need to go into Customize.. to change your menu's behavior.

The weird entries you mention are probably SmartFavorites. Look for it in preferences.

Thanks again. Yes, you are right, I restore the .ocb backup and most of the old stuff is carried over.
Things that I am used to are then available again. Toolbar, buttons, etc.
Installed a trial on a VM and will check out how to restore the buttons, etc. but keep as much as possible of the new layout.

Anyway, thanks again.