V13 doesn't read the icon from *.msc executables

Hi guys,
I've had the same config since ~v8 with a Desktop toolbar that has the Windows Management consoles on the buttons, e.g. Computer Management, Device Management, Disk Management, Shared Folders, Users & Groups, and Services.

Upgraded to v13 and the icons are gone, replaced by the generic paper sheet.

Any chance of bringing them back?

Should mention, this is Win10.

Are you sure they are still there? Even Nirsoft's IconsExtract seems to be unable to find them.

(I'd recommend using static icons anyway for better performance.)

Ah, my bad, made an assumption about where the icon came from.
Under previous versions DOpus was able to pick up the icon that was used for the management consoles.

(Change 'from' to 'for' in the topic will fix it :slight_smile: )

e.g. This is v12

Also interested to know how specifying static icons for a always displayed static Desktop toolbar will increase performance - shave a little off the startup time would be about it, I would think.

Yes. Not a lot per icon, but I noticed a nice improvement in Opus' launching speed after converting about 50 such icons.