Variations on Four Tab Commands and Folders Shown


This is only an idea open to discussion and constructive criticism.
Don't get too worked up about it.

Consider four Tab comands:
Go fromsel NewTAB=findexisting
Go fromsel NewTAB=nofocus
Go Tabclose

Imagine two buttons that accomplish the following:

The first button:
1 - Opens selected Folders in NewTabs, finding existing Tabs while retaining focus on the original Tab.

The second button :
1 - Takes selected folders as an argument and then closes Tabs of those folders if they are existing, and retains focus on the original Tab.
2 - Hides the selected folders in the original Tab .

Any comments?

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For the first - I tried

Go FROMSEL NEWTAB=findexisting,nofocus

...and it mostly works, except it seems that selected folders stop opening in newtabs once a single 'findexisting' condition is detected. In other words if you have a folder FOO open in a tab containing sub-dirs A, B and C; and folder B is already opened in a newtab... if you select all three of these folders and use the command above, only folder A is opened in a newtab. If this can be fixed then that should do what you're looking for.

For the second - not 'exactly' what you'd want in the case that the folder tabs that you want to close are either to the left AND right of the current tab, OR if the tabs to the right of the current one included other tabs you DID NOT want to close but:


...sort of works. But I think what you're really looking for is for Dopus to be able to close tabs based on the name of the folders passed - kind of like a Go TABCLOSE=FROMSEL option or something... eh?

I didn't know that we could combine finfexisting and nofucus like this. Thanks !

I found this independently and was writing my post on it here as you were writing this post.

Yes, and more with the hidden folders added to this !

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edit note:
I had just returned home from a mild, but cloudy, 8.6 mile November hike and was inspired with this.