Version 11 toolbars disappear when changing styles

I have a number of toolbars with custom buttons set up. My default style is dual vertical. Under previous versions of DO, when I switched views - say to Explorer - the toolbars and everything else would persist, and I could switch back and forth between dual vertical, explorer, and others with nothing changing other than the layout of the lister panes. But under version 11, when I switch to a different view, my custom toolbars go away. I have to close DO and reopen it to get my default layout back. Can anyone provide guidance on how to maintain my toolbars when switching views?

You can fix that if you right click on empty space on toolbar you can save your toolbars as default toolbar set.

f you go to Preferences>Layouts and Styles>Styles and then double click on your style you can edit what happens when you open a style. You can change which toolbar or toolbar set opens.

Perfect! Thank you!