Very nice!

Playing around with Directory Opus a bit, I discovered a very nice feature that put a smile on my face and made me want to just say thank you!

In the average application, dragging an item through a long list requires you to drag it to the top/bottom shown entry and wait until the list starts scrolling. This either goes extremely slow (Explorer!) or too fast, mking the list shooting past the target, requiring you to "walk" to the bottom/top and repeat procedure above until finally successful.

Directory Opus solves this in a different way:
"Grab" the item to drag and use the scroll-wheel to bring the drop target in view.

Very nice!!! :D Thank you for this neat feature! Nice subtle way to solve a common annoyance.

(and sorry for the non-descript title)


In other apps that scroll too slowly, I've found you can often wiggle the mouse left and right while keeping it in the scrolling zone to speed things up. Seems they respond to mouse movement but either don't have a timer or the timer doesn't happen frequently enough to scroll at a reasonable speed on its own.

Mousewheel is preferable, of course. I don't know why more people haven't thought of enabling it during drag & drop.


Thanks for that tip!
Will try.

It is a clever idea. Nothing more difficult than a simple and elegant solution. Respect!

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