Very old (DOpus 9.5.6 on Win 7 32,poss.fixed?):missing items in"print folders"result

(II.) very old (DOpus 9.5.6 on Win 7 32, possibly fixed?): missing items in "print folders" result

Hello, in the properties, my external USB drive K:\ (NTFS, 2TB) has some
700.000 files and 600.000 folders.

When I "printed" these to a txt file in DOpus (9.5.6 on Win 7 32), the
resulting file only had some 370.000 lines, indicating that something
must be missing.

(This bug is low-priority for me personally. Please give priority to the other suggestions/bugs.)

There isn't much point reporting bugs in a 6 year old version of Opus (or 9 year old if we count from when Opus 9 first came out in 2007).

I remember I used to spend some time verifying that bug so that's why I posted it. I.e. all I was saying that you may want to do a test run to see if there is to it, respectively if the code has not changed since, there is a chance the problem still persists. I just wanted to mention it because it was a recurring major issue.

Opus version 9 was not written for and is not supported for use on Windows 7. You need to upgrade to the current version.