Vesr: 12.9.0 update to 12.10.0 - recognition issue

Hi - I have just updated DO from v 12.9.0 to v 12.10.0 but upon start up of program I keep getting this report (as below) it also advises re-installation of DO, which I have done 3 times, same result - appreciate some advice to rectify - Thanks.
[If I close DO and restart DO it works OK, it seems to be only on the initial start of program]

Component Version Mismatch
The installed versions of the Critical Directory Opus do not match.
Program version: 12.10.0
Library version: 12.10.0
Language version: 12.9.0
Please re-install Directory Opus

Have you rebooted?

[If I close DO and restart DO it works OK, it seems to be only on the initial start of program]

Do you have the program installed in more than one place somehow?

Hi Leo,
Yes I rebooted after each re-install.
I have just checked and "Dopus.exe" appears 3x times

C:\Program files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus
C:\Program files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\x86
C:\Program files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\x86\x86
The "Dopus.dat" files follow as above.
Would I be better to uninstall - reboot - re-install?
I don't particularly wish to but if needs must

That x86\x86 dir seems wrong and might be a symptom of whatever has gone wrong.

I would use Settings > Backup & Restore to back up your configuration, then uninstall Opus and reboot when prompted.

After booting again, check the Opus folder is gone completely, and remove anything that remains. Then run the installer, and when it's finished restore the config backup.

Thanks Leo, I took your advice and followed it to the letter.
Everything is as it should be again - no x86\x86 folders as before, if fact everything looks boringly normal.
Again many thanks indeed for your timely and valuable assistance.
Well appreciated.

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