Video & Article - Using Directory Opus for Photo Organization

@MegMac has created a website about photo organizing, which includes discussion of Directory Opus.

I thought this article about using Opus with photo metadata deserved a post of its own here in the Tutorials area:

There is also a related YouTube video:

You can read more about Meg's site in her own post about it here:


Thank you. Please visit my website I need the traffic! For anyone who works with photo/image files, I recommend you read the article Photo Dates and Terminology - An Introduction.
In this forum alone, I have seen a lot of evidence that many people do not understand photos dates, and often, terminology is to blame, 'Date Taken' and 'Capture Date' are not date metadata fields, but are terms and U.I. labels that are commonly misunderstood. Jon and Leo, you should read the article also!
A much more detailed version of the article is available to anyone who signs up for a Free Membership. There are no strings attached to membership, and you will NOT be added to a mailing list unless you choose to be.

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