Video player

Hi,I would like to know if there is a way to change default video player(WMP),to another one while in filmstrip and/or images mode.Thanks.

Opus should use the Movie plugin by default. If the Movie plugin is disabled then Opus will fall usually back on Windows Media Player (via the ActiveX plugin).

Are you sure it's using WMP and not the movie plugin?

What do you want to change it to?

Hi.You are right,it's using the movie plugin.
What I would like to do is using a more versatile player like Vlc,since quite a number of video codes are unplayable right now.

I don't think there's anything VLC can play which you can't play in Opus. You just need to have the right things installed. (As a bonus, installing them will make them work in just about everything, e.g. Media Center.)

There's a guide here:
[HOW TO: Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus)

A VLC plugin is planned, though, for people who don't want to go through that hassle.

Agreed. I did the guide ^above too and opus plays even files and creates thumbnails that media player or media player classic has problem with. Only downside is that the scrolling in the video isn't as smooth as media players. For example if you don't scroll but click somewhere in the indication bar it jumps to a different position. It's way of. So you have to drag the time indicator.

That's the only downside. Other than that I found some files vlc or media player couldn't play very well or make thumbnails from, but opus did. Quite impressive!

Thanks for your answer.I'll follow the guide.