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Videos Only view toggle button

Button for viewing only video files in the current folder / subfolders with user customizable view mode, file size filter, and folder options. You access the settings by right clicking on the button.

The following is default:

Flatview Mode: No Folders
File Size Filter: <30mb
Hide Folders? Yes

Settings description:

Flatview mode: 1) No folders 2) With Folders 3) Off

Flatview mode views the current folder and all subfolders as if they were a single folder. Enabled with options 1 and 2. Disabled with option 3.

  1. Shows all video files contained in subfolders but hides the folders themselves
  2. Shows all video files contained in subfolders and shows the folders containing them
  3. Only displays video files in the current folder

File Size Filter: User enters the desired value

The File Size Filter allows the user to filter out files based on size. For example, if you are looking for wedding videos that you know are bigger then 1GB, you can filter out all videos less then that with <1000mb

Uses the following format: [< or >][size in MB][mb]

<30mb will filter out all files less than 30MB
<0mb will disable the file size filter

Hide folders: 1) Yes 2) No

Hide or show folders (when flatview is disabled). Useful if you only want to see video files and don't want to crowd the display with folders.

  1. Will hide folders
  2. Will show folders

** Hide folders does not apply to flatview. If you have flatview enabled (options 1 or 2), flatview's folder show/hide settings will take precedence. If you are using flatview, this setting does not matter.

Videos Only.dcf (2.5 KB)

Main Button

@toggle:if Set SHOWFILTERFILENAME=grp:Videos

// Checking if configured.  If not, defaults are loaded.
@set glob!:VOFlatView=On,MixedNoFolders


@set glob!:VOIgnoreSmallFiles=<30mb




// Turing button off
Set FORMAT=!folder

// Turing button on
Set FLATVIEW={$glob!:VOFlatView}

Settings button

@set glob!:VOFlatView={dlgchoose|Choose Flatview Mode:|No Folders (Default)=On,MixedNoFolders+With Folders=On,Mixed+Off=off }
@set glob!:VOIgnoreSmallFiles={dlgstringS|File Size Filter:\n\nFormat: [< or >][Size in MB][mb]\nEx: <30mb will filter out all files less than 30MB\n>1000mb will filter out all files greater than 1000MB\nEnter <0mb to disable|<30mb}
@set glob!:VOHideFolders={dlgchoose|Hide Folders?|Yes (Default)= +No=Ӝ}