View drive label instead of drive letter on windows taskbar?

Is there a way to make DOpus show the drive label in the Windows Taskbar the way Explorer does? I have many local and networked drives (8 not including optical and removable) and i don't always think of them in terms of their drive letter.. I've found the setting in the preferences that turns off showing the whole path in the taskbar, which is a big help, but i would still like see "SYSTEM (C:)" or "PROJECTS (D:)" in the taskbar when I'm in the root of those drives instead of presently "C:" or "D:" which is how DOpus does it.

I should note that I do see the drive labels in the folder tree, e.g. "SYSTEM (C:)" -- just the way i want it.


I don't think there is an option for that, but you could request it.

Would you only want to see the label when in the root of a drive, or when in any folder on the drive?

I'm thinking just when in the root of a drive.. again, that is Explorer's default behavior.