View GPS Tracks in Google Maps

Several websites offer visualisation services for GPS files, e.g. Browsing through a bunch of files can quickly become tedious, if every single one of them needs to be uploaded manually.

This button uses the peplin-gpxviewer and uploads GPS files directly to Google Maps.

@set myGPXdir D:\User\Tracks\gpxviewer
Copy {file} AS opustemp.gpx TO {$myGPXdir} WHENEXISTS=replace 
firefox.exe {$myGPXdir}\gpxviewer.html

How to use:

  1. Put gpxviewer.html and loadgpx.js (remove .txt) somewhere on your system
  2. Install the button
  3. Adjust myGPXdir
  4. Check if you like the hotkey

If you want to download the original files from Github, you need to remove the paths in line 21 and 48 in gpxviewer.html


  • only works in Firefox
  • does not recycle the browser window, opens a new one for each file

loadgpx.js.txt (10.6 KB)
gpxviewer.html.txt (2.4 KB)
View Tracks in Google Maps.dcf (934 Bytes)

For people who find this thread via searching, and just want to view an image's GPS coordinates of where the photo was taken (not a multi-point track showing a journey), that's built in to Opus using the Image LOCATE command.