View music folder

Good day.
Help me please. The question is, I have folders with music files. Why are some folders displayed as folders, and others as a music box?

How do I customize the look of a music box for everyone?

It shows the picture of the album cover when a file (picture) named Folder.jpg is in the folder. If you don't see them they're probably hidden.

you can also use a ,jpg named coverart.jpg if you would like to make your own to see the cd cover overlay in dopus i use coverart.jpg that way windows will not overwrite the folder.jpg and mess up my nice album covers ,,, coverart.jpg will show the cd overlay regardless of the type files in the folder .. i know dopus has an over lay for comics too

If a folder contains mostly audio files, it will be displayed as a CD case (as long as there is a folder.jpg or coverart.jpg in the folder as well).

If you have a coverart.jpg file in the folder, it will force it to be displayed as a CD case. (You can also use Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: cd_thumb_coverart_file to change which filenames Opus looks for when forcing a folder to display as a CD case.)

yonder, wobbly, Leo, thank you very match! :smiley_cat: