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View STL or .OBJ files in the preview pane



is there a way to preview 3d .STL or .OBJ files in the preview pane ?

Thank you


If there is a preview handler (works in Opus, File Explorer/Windows Explorer, and Outlook) or an ActiveX control (works in Opus and Internet Explorer) for the formats then it should work in the Opus viewer pane.

Otherwise, probably not, unless someone makes either of those things, or an Opus-specific viewer plugin.

(QuickViewPlus is a preview handler which can display a large number of formats, but I can't see .STL or .OBJ in its list of supported formats, unless they are under a descriptive name rather than the extensions, which some formats seem to be in the list. Most other preview handlers only handle a single format.)

(There may be preview handlers I don't know about, including shipped with related software for editing .STL and .OBJ files, so it is worth looking and checking with the software vendors.)


Right now I'm using this free program

It would be great if I could make it preview automatically in DOPUS instead of having to click open every file

Can this QuickpreviewPlus be confgured to preview in Dopus Pane ?


I don't know anything about Microsoft's 3D Builder, sorry.

If it installs something that lets File Explorer preview its files, then the same should work in Opus. Otherwise, you'd have to ask Microsoft. (And ask them why they aren't implementing their own preview handler API for their own file formats. ;))



you will see the 3D model in both thumbnail lister view and the preview panel


STL and OBJ viewer support is coming, for people using Windows 10: