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Viewer for WordPerfect - how do I use it?

X1 gets its viewers from the people who write QuickView Plus. And it all builds on stuff now owned by Oracle.

X1 works in 64-bit Windows but it is not yet 64-bit software.

There is a growing roster of people asking about this on the X1 forum. As yet there has been no response from X1 itself.

Thanks for the info.

What would be nice would be to have the large list of X1 viewers included in the next version of Opus.

Opus is currently the most powerful file manger available. and having all those viewers available in it would make it the absolute ultimate manager.

So Greg Perry - what do you think of this? :slight_smile:

Ron Hirsch


:slight_smile: Still paying off my house, mate!

But if you've got a spare US$250k for upfront licence plus US$10k per year maintenance agreement, oh yes and a small payment of around US$56 royalty per copy sold, I'm sure Opus users would write your names in the Opus Hall of Fame!

Please do not assume that X1 is the one sending out these royalty demands. As I said earlier, X1 buys in viewer technology, ultimately from Oracle.

Other writers of file managers have stumbled across the cost of dealing with Stellent/Oracle/Avantstar.

Then again, Greg's numbers seem odd. X1 costs less than US$50, AUS$55.95, less than you have to pay for DOpus. QuickView Plus costs just US$49.00 to buy.

So Oracle must be doing the usual trick of hitting the "small guy", especially a foreign one, harder than it hits the industry's "giants".

Adding US$56 royalty per copy sold means that it would be cheaper to buy both X1 with DOpus or QuickView Plus than to buy QuickView enabled DOPus.

By the way, the "trial version" trick to get the viewers may well be of dubious legality.

On this trick, has anyone tried it with the trial version of QuickView Plus? This would have the advantage of not imposing on your system stuff that you do not intend to use.

To help anyone who finds this thread, see this newer thread:

[ul][li]Quick View Plus[/li][/ul]
Quick View Plus 11 includes a preview handler which works in Opus, including 64-bit versions, and includes support for Word Perfect documents (among many other formats).