Viewer freezing

I am using the Opus 11, and I'm having a lot of problems with the viewer freezing up and locking up the program and not showing the files that I have highlighted. When it freezes I attempt to close the program and can't. It just seems to be hung up when I finally got it closed, I looked in Windows task manager and there were still 2 Opus processes running after I closed the opus. I killed those two processes and reopened the Opus 11 and then it worked okay. But this happens fairly regularly during the day and it's very annoying. What can I do to fix this problem?
Gary Aksland

What kind of files exactly? Maybe you could try following steps. It's uncommon for the viewer to freeze, so maybe some third party extension causes it?

[url]Crash, exit or high CPU when viewing certain directories]

Hold off on the guide Abr linked, at least for now, as it probably isn't relevant. A shell extension would be unlikely to cause the viewer to freeze, unless it's falling back on shell thumbnails. An external viewer (preview handler / activex control) might, but that depends on the file type involved.

Abr's first question is good/important: Which type(s) of files are causing the viewer freeze?

This info is useless to the non-geek. I have had Dopus for years. Dopus 10 works fine on my windows 7 machine, but has been unstable on my windows 10 computer since I first installed it. I am not capable of even following these discussions.
ON the windows 10 machine, Dopus works sometimes, for a while, but then freezes. And I can't shut it down, even with Task Manager.

D3nnis: Is your problem that the viewer is freezing, or something else? If it's the viewer, ignore the linked guide as it isn't relevant; the important question is: Which file types are involved?

If it's not the viewer, it's better to start a separate thread and describe the symptoms you are seeing.

Freezes are almost always caused by 3rd party components, but we need more information to help determine that, and track down which component, or part of Opus, is causing it.