Viewer hangs on Word document

Accidental clicking a wrong file with the viewer open results in the viewer window (loading) and Directory Opus not responsive. This seems to happen in this situation where

Hidden files are shown
a Microsoft Office temp file is around (~$xxxxx.doc or ~$xxxxx.docx)
and this file is clicked.

Based on the extention the Office Viewer is loaded in docsvw64.exe (Directory Opus Active Proxy). Killing this process keeps Directory Opus alive but without viewer.

It perhaps would be good to somehow monitor the viewer process and kill and restart it when it no longer is responding to polls.


That must be the Word viewer hanging. Our process just hosts the Word viewer, which is Microsoft's code.

Does trying to view the same file in File Explorer's viewer pane work? (Assuming it works for other Word docs.)

Incidently Explorer does not show these files even when show hidden files is switched on. After some testing I realized that a popup dialog is opened behind the Directory Opus window that blocks the viewer and thereby Directory Opus. It seems there is nothing wrong with Directory opus.