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Viewer pane - Can I tell if image has transparent background?


I noticed when I have viewer pnae up, I can’t tell if an image has a transparent background or not

is there a way to fix this


You can change the background color to something conspicuous. There is also an option to toggle the alpha channel on and off (at least in the standalone viewer window; not sure if it is in the preview pane as well, and away from my desk right now).


any updates on this, I’m not sure what an alpha channel is for though


What would be really useful here would be an option to set your own background to the viewer and standalone viewer windows - much like you can on a Lister.

If you could set a light checkerboard as he background - as I do on my Listers - then you can see in an instant which images have transparent backgrounds.


leo I still have this problem is there a solution to it?

Perhaps in both the standalone viewer window and preview pane?


Same reply as before:

"Alpha channel" is another name for the transparency mask. If you toggle it on and off (which is only possible in the standalone viewer) you can see if it is affecting the image or not, if it isn't already visible based on the background color showing through.

Using a background color other than white or black helps as well.

In the longer term, we would like to have a transparency grid behind images that use an alpha channel, but that requires a partial re-write of the viewer to do it properly, which is a longer-term goal.


okay i found it thanks

under "edit → preference"