Viewer Pane Color Problem

I am using Opus with a theme called PSU from the theme thread.

It is a dark theme with lots of colors for the text. I am also using a dark windows 7 theme. Most of the colors in Opus are user configurable but there seem to be some colors which use whatever windows uses. For example the scrollbars don't seem configurable in Opus.

Sometimes in Windows, I get a dialogue that's hard to read because of a dark text conflict with the dark background.

In Opus, the only spot I've seen so far that I haven't been able to fix is in the Viewer Pane:

The background and the text color of the menu icons circled in red seem controlled by windows. I wonder if there was a way to overide the text color for those icons in Opus? I've looked in Settings - Preferences - Display - Colors and Fonts but there are a lot of choices and I didn't have any luck. Luckily, most of those buttons seem to be repeated at the bottom of the viewer pane anyways. So I can just live with the reduced functionality. Or I can find another dark theme for windows which doesn't make the backgrounds totally black. I like the dark themes because its easier on the eyes but there are some problems because Windows was mostly created to have white backgrounds everywhere.

Also, I just have a quick question why some of my posts I am able to edit and others I cannot. Is there a time limit before editing is allowed or something? Sometimes, I see a silly typo and I can't just go back in and immediately edit the post...

I'd say that's a bug, and worth reporting to GPSoftware. Opus should be drawing those buttons in the text colour but seems to have them hardcoded as black.

Re post editing, it's supposed to be disabled entirely in the Help & Support forum (see bottom of the FAQ-list for reasons), but it's enabled in most of the other areas so that may be why you see it sometimes and not others.