Viewer pane not showing some .doc files


When I use the Viewer Pane, a number of .doc files are not shown (only the "W" in a square and a document with bent, upper right corner). What could the reason for this be?


Hans L

"the "W" in a square and a document with bent, upper right corner" = shell icon :slight_smile:

Hans L

When you say "a number of" do you mean that some .doc files do display?

What happens if you try to view them in Explorer?

Yes, Jon, most doc files (and, I believe, all docx files) can be viewed.

In Explorer, I get "The file can't be previewed." for the .doc files that cannot be viewed in DOpus,

When I open such a file in Explorer, I get "Protected View. Editing this file type is not allowed due to policy settings. Click for more details."

When I click, I see "Protected View. Editing this file type (Word 95 Binary Documents and Templates) is not allowed due to your policy settings."

Turns out I have checks in the boxes for Word 95 Binary Documents and Templates, Word 6.0 Binary Documents and Templates, and Word 2 and earlier Binary Documents and Templates.

Should you by any chance know (and I guess chances are pretty good), what is the reason these files are opened in protected mode and not editable by default? Any negative effects of unchecking? Hold it!!! Okay, I see now:

"File Block prevents outdated file types from opening and causes your file to open in Protected View and disables the Save and Open features. The code used to open and save the older formats have vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. So they are security risks that should be avoided, if possible."

So, I unchecked for Word 95, and DOpus (and Explorer) now shows the file in the Viewer Pane. Problem solved, but I think I will try to identify all files 95 and older and resave them as docx. Would you know a way to identify these files? Or is it possible to save all .doc files as .docx in one fell swoop?


Hans L