Viewer Pane prevents Saving & Renaming

I cannot save Adobe Illustrator files in Directory Opus when the Viewer Pane is open.
Directory Opus and saving works fine with the Viewer Pane closed.
Saving works fine in Windows Explorer with the Preview Pane open.

I can create a file and "Save As" an AI.
I close the file, reopen, make a change and "Save".
The file tab says "saving".
However, none of the changes are actually saved and date modified remains unchanged.
Same issue saving an EPS from Adobe Illustrator.

I cannot rename any file if it's being previewed by the Viewer Pane.

Any help would be appreciated.

Any Adobe Illustrator viewer is a third party component, and not part of Opus, so this is not really an Opus issue; I've removed the bug-report tag for that reason.

If you go to Preferences / Viewer / Plugins and configure the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin (which acts as a middleman between Opus and third-party viewers), you may be able to select the relevant viewer for .AI files in the list there, and turn on the Open Temporary Copies checkbox for that viewer on the right.

e.g. I don't have any AI viewer installed but, if the problem was affecting Word documents, you could do this:

That will tell Opus to copy the file to the temp folder and then ask the viewer to open that temp copy instead of the real file.

Note that preview handlers should not lock files while they are viewing them. It is part of the API specification that they do not lock the files. So if you are seeing this problem with a preview handler, you should complain to the authors of it. On the other hand, things like ActiveX plugins are not required to avoid locking files. In either case, the Open Temporary Copies option can be used as a workaround.

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That solution worked.

Checking "Open Temporary Copies" for AI, solved the AI save issue.
I can rename files now, so the above solution might have also solved that issue.

Thanks Leo!!

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