Viewer Pane: Preview of pdf files


I'm missing a very important feature here: i can see word, excel,jpg,... files in the preview pane, but I CAN'T PREVIEW PDF (Acrobat) files..... I checked the settings Viewer plugings and activex pdf is active (pdf text also), but when i click on a pdf file it gives me the open/save dialog... When i disable the activex plugin, it just shows me the pdf as ascii data. Pitty.

Otherwise: great product !!

Works fine for me.

What versions are you using?


Sounds like the PDF plugin for Internet Explorer (i.e. the Adobe Reader ActiveX control) isn't installed. Try reinstalling the latest version of Adobe Reader (and if it offers the option of not installing the ActiveX control or the IE plugin, make sure they're installed -- I think it's all automatic these days, though).

If that isn't the case, are you able to view PDF files within IE? If not then they won't work in Opus either.

Well, to be honost, i don't use acrobat reader at all. Way too SLOOOOOOOOOW. Oh my god, what have they done @ Adobe. You almost need a Pentium V system to run it at a reasonable speed...

Check this out:

You'll love. Just trying to make it work with dopus.... then i would have 2 fast programs....

By the way... All the activeX stuff was in place, but...

Seems you need to enable "Display PDF in Browser" option in Acrobat. I hate that....

The reason the Acrobat is so slow at loading is because it's loading a LOT of plugins. Plug-ins which most of of us will never need. So you can really speed things up by installing the "Acrobat Reader Speed Up" utility available free from:

I tried it out once and it works as advertised. Unfortunately for me I have the full Acrobat program installed as I create a lot of pdf files so I had to disable the speed up utility. But for most people who just use the Reader to view pdf files, ARSU is pretty handy.

Just to interject here that version 7 of both the Acrobat Reader and Professional opens very quickly. So quickly, in fact, that I no longer use "Acrobat Reader Speed Up".

Give Reader 7 a try - I think you'll be impressed. Incidentally, I am basing this on running Reader 7 on a P-IIIM Notebook with 512MB RAM and Pro 7 on a Centrino Notebook with 1024MB RAM ...

Yeah well, not sure if it's 'always' been there but I'm guessing that the Adobe Reader Speed Launch in the startup folder helps :slight_smile: But regardless, yes indeed... launching a reader instance with v7 is noticeably faster.

Seems you need to enable "Display PDF in Browser" option in Acrobat. I hate that....[/quote]
Yeah, that is what enables ActiveX viewing of PDF files. Why do you hate the option being on? If you don't want to view PDF files in your browser you can still leave that option on but configure the browser to download PDF links instead of display them (at least in Firefox).

Sorry to have bothered you guys. I've downloaded the latest version of Foxitreader (less than 1MB in unpacked size!!! - loads like lightening), set it as my default pdf reader, opened directory opus viewer pane, uncheck 'always ask to open this file' and clicked open....

That's it. I can preview pdf files with the viewer pane almost fast than jpg files....

You should really try it.

I still use acrobat to create, sign,... pdf files. But to view them... only foxitreader. Tried their pdfedit as well. Why can't acrobat do that ?

Try this guys, it is FREE and FAST and works great with Directory Opus. Let me know what you think.

Small issue... Seems the foxitreader only works if you install it as your default pdf reader AFTER you had adobe acrobat (reader) as your pdf viewer to view pdf files IN internet explorer. If you don't, the pdfactivex.dll (PDF-ActiveX) doesn't show up in the viewer plugins. Can't see why. Couldn't add it manually either. Tested with Internet Explorer and it showed the PDF files perfectly using the foxitreader. It's a bit of a workaround... Tried adding .pdf in the ActiveX document configuration, but that didn't help.

If you do install them in the other order you can probably get the one you want back as the registered PDF viewer by finding its DLL file and running regsvr32 blah.dll

It doesn't always work but it often does, and is less hassle than having to reinstall things in a particular order.