Viewer Pane VS Standalone Internal Picture Viewer

I tend to always use the Viewer Pane but began recently to try and appreciate some of the advantages provided by the Standalone viewer. But there's one thing I really miss : any selected image in the files/thumbnails list instantly appears in the viewer pane. Whereas a selection isn't enough to make an image appear in the Standalone Viewer : one needs to double-click the file to view it.
I tried to browse files/thumbnails using the arrow keys and Enter instead of a double click to open an image, but then the main (on top) window becomes the Standalone Viewer. So it's not possible to browse thumbnails anymore with the keyboard without an alt(+shit)+Tab or using the mouse to go back to the main Dopus window.

Do you think it'd be possible to add an option in the Viewer preferences to let the user decide whether:

  • he wants an image image to appear in the Standalone Viewer with a double click : very useful to work on some files while keeping another one enlarged,
  • or with a single click : for other tasks this would be immensely useful.

If you decide to work on such an option, could you please consider adding a button in the Standalone Image Viewer to quickly switch between single/double-click in order to enlarge a file/thumbnail selected in the main Dopus window.
Thanks !

Cheers :wink: