Viewer panel does not display CSV files [SOLVED]

My v10.5.7.0 Dopus viewer panel does not display content for .CSV files. I found the CSVviewer plugin on the website, copied the dll and ini files into my C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Viewers folder and restarted dOpus. But there still is nothing displayed. The plugin also does not show up in the Viewer Plugins in preferences.

If you mean this plugin by a forum member, it's 32-bit only and won't work with 64-bit versions of Opus. Most machines are 64-bit these days, so that is probably the problem.

If you can find a CSV preview handler, that should work in Opus, as well as in Outlook and File Explorer. But I am not sure one exists, or at least could only find other people looking for one from a quick search. You would think the Excel preview handler could handle CSV files but it can't; only xls and xlsx files, for some reason.

Is there a way for me to just have it interpreted as a text file so I see something on the display?

That should happen by default unless the text viewer is disabled.

It normally does, even for other csv files. But I have a 209 byte file named tunelist.csv (plus several others) that doesn't display! Maybe because there are no quotes in it, just commas? I just get the grey "picture background color". Here's the file:

Wooly Bully,Sam The Sham,Pop,Pop2 16ths,Standard,120,Intro plays several times through song
La Bamba,Richie Valens,Country,Country 2,Rock,110,
Proud Mary,Creedence,Blues,Blues 2,Metal,124,Add reverb in mix

Please zip and attach the file. There's probably something about it that makes it not a text file. (We can see that kind of detail if it's pasted into a forum post as text.)

It's also possible that it won't view because it is locked by another program at the same time you try to display it.

Ahh! That was the problem, the file was locked because an Excel process had it opened. I installed a program called LockHunter and it revealed the Excel process to me (evidently it didn't shut down properly). Thanks for your quick help!