Viewer zoom on large images


I'm having an issue zooming large png/jpgs with the built in viewer,
basically zooming images above a few megabytes in size has abnormal behavior.

3 examples,

A 20mb png can zoom to 400%, but going to 800% causes the image to return to 100% zoom (while the status bar reads 800%)

A 80mb png zoomed to 150% and the entire image turns black, zooming to 200% the image is still black, zoom to 400% and the image returns at 100% zoom (with status bar reading 400%)

A 292mb png can zoom to 150%, but subsequent zoom levels all show the image at 100%

Have uploaded an 87mb png here in-case you don't have one handy

All these files zoom in GIMP and the Windows photo viewer (system has atleast 20gig of ram free, so thats not the issue either)


Those are all limitations of the Windows API we currently use for scaling/displaying images in the viewer.

(It's not the file size, it's the total image dimensions, possibly depending on GPU hardware as well, although I'm not sure if that makes a difference these days.)

We'll remove those limits in the future when we switch to a GPU accelerated API, which is one of our longer-term goals.

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Makes sense now

Thanks for the explanation!