Viewer zoom to Width or custom zoom percentage

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with viewer and it being used for jpg, png, and other pictures i would like a "zoom to width" option for pictures that are taller than wider.
example a 1080x1920 (Wide x Height) on a 1920x1080 display would zoom to be approx 1920x3413 (170%) or on my 2560x1440 display (237%)


better zooming of the picture its self. either a 'slider' or a ctl+scroll or ctl+"+/-" that is more granular in the zoom percentage, something like 10% or 20% increments would be great
currently being locked to the few specific items is not that fun (such as a downloaded or viewed meme).

current zoom settings 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 150%, 200%, 400%, 800%, Fit to page (keeping 100% zoom unless larger then shrinking down to fit the current window no crop) or grow to page (forcing all pictures to fill as much of the page as possible with out crop).

i'm often finding the 200% to be just a little to much requiring left to right scrolling for some things and then 150% being "ok" but with large borders on the left and right.

other features are great, don't remember where i enabled an option to view the next picture at the top and keeps me from scrolling all over the place each picture change but that is awesome.

thank you for the great product :smile:

thank you in advance,

The Show command lets you set up hotkeys like

Show VIEWERCMD=zoom,-10!Documents/Show.htm

1st thank you, it took a while but i figured it out but the zooming hot key is working now.

2nd, still think it should be a default option for 10% zooming instead of 2x zooming. every other photo viewer does it in a smaller scale. . . but Directory Opos is a lot more powerful.

for others / me in the future, lol, the place to set this is under Help > Keyboard map... >Pop up window > New Hotkey [top left icon with a green plus] > select "New Viewer hotkey" > small pop up window > fill in required info:

Name: display name
Tip: shows as the description in the "customize" Key window
Hotkey: while cursor in this box use the key combination that is needed ex [ctl + =] or [ctl + - ]
Function: this is the command to run < Show VIEWERCMD=zoom,-10 >
Start in: can be left blank
Run: Leave as normal window


Follow up enhancement
Move/add the "Keyboard Map..." to the "Settings" drop down at that top. this was the hardest thing to find after the commands were shown.
ps follow up. noticed that the "customize Toolbar..." is in the same window as the "Keyboard Map" but would still like separate buttons for them for clarity. had this window open 3 separate times this morning and did not notice the tab for "keys".


also a zoom to width option would be good for Mixed Content where the different pictures in a folder / view are different width and then each zoom would by extension be different for the "optimal" zooming. similar to the grow to page where mixed content will optimally be zoomed to fill as much as possible with out adjusting the ratio.

again thank you @lxp for the assistance the zooming adjustments are helpful and this would be the cherry on top :wink: .

Yes, that'd be nice. Or something like a WorkAreas method for the Viewer object :slight_smile:

Unless I'm doing something wrong, I would like to request the option for the viewer window to stay in the location it's "moved" to and the size when moving through pictures (jpg) for example. I have an ultrawide and currently everytime I scroll through to the next photo it jumps back into the centre of the screen and I have to keep moving it. Cheers, Paul

Try DOpus13 beta?
12 also has multiple options that need to be unchecked.

The settings under Preferences / Viewer can change when/if the viewer moves or resizes for the first image, all images or no images.

Works similarly in both 12 and 13, although the settings are reorganised a bit in 13 and related settings link to each other and are easier to locate.

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Thanks. Found turning off Auto-size viewer window and Center viewer window under appearance (v12) did the trick for me.

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