Viewing external drive on phone or tablet

I frequently transfer files from tablet or phone. I have dual pane display and would like to view the contents of the device in one of those panes. This works fine with an external HDD, but will not work with an external drive such as a phone. I always get a pop-up window which looks like Windows file manager, and which is fiddly to use. How to change this so I can view the phone folders in one of the panes of Directory Opus?

Which action causes that to open?

Does the drive appear under This PC in Opus?

If I click on the external device "Internal storage" then the pop-up looks like Windows file manager. And as you can see from the screenshot, it does appear under "This PC", under a different category to external drives. Thanks for your help, Beck

Unfortunately, that's not an external drive, that's just an MTP connection. It popping up as a separate window might be a feature of Opus Light, but you are not missing out on a lot, even Opus Pro can't offer more as MTP has only a very limited functionality.

Read more about it here:

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OK thanks. I have set up the tablet with the App and got the IP address, user name, password. But where in Opus do I enter these details?

I am not sure if FTP is included in Opus Light. In case it is, it can be reached via




A good alternative is FileZilla.

Both MTP and FTP require Opus Pro:

Thanks for the help!