Viewing file contents in the Opus viewer pane

I have just received my new Windows 10 custom computer, to replace my old Win 7 computer and one of the first things I installed was OPUS 12.6 x64.

I imported much from the saved layout file on my old computer, and most everything came in fine.

But in the viewer pane, Wordperfect and Quattro Pro used to display the content of files, such as a text doc, a spreadsheet, an image, etc.. in the viewer pane.

Now there is just a WP icon there.

What must I do to get the performance I had in my old Win 7 machine to view the doc itself for as many formats as Opus supports

You could check Preferences -> Viewer Plugins -> Plugin Manager. Not sure, which one exactly, but i suppose it's "ActiveX/Preview/Office/Web", where to look first.

Do you still have the old machine working? If so, checking on that which viewer was being used for them will quickly tell you what needs to be installed. But if you don't then it might require some guesswork.

If you can still use the Windows 7 machine, display one of the files in the viewer on it and see what it says above the viewer, in brackets next to the filename. (You may need to make the viewer wider if the text there is truncated.)

I don't know if Wordperfect or Quattro Pro include preview handlers when you install them, but if they do it would enable both Explorer and Opus to view their files.

If they don't then you were probably using something like QuickView Plus to get preview handlers for those formats. (You may want to track down the version of QVP you had installed, as the latest version no longer includes a preview handler and is just a standalone viewing program that won't add anything to Explorer or Opus, according to a post here a few weeks ago -- although I have not verified that first hand.)

Hi Leo,

After several weeks of scouring to learn what I could about preview handlers, I learned the following

  1. My old version of Quickview Plus ($49 in the past) will not function in Windows 10

  2. They offer a new version for $99. BUT - that's per year. And it does not work with any file managers. You have to run the program in its own window to read the files.

I find to hard to understand who would buy that.

Then I learned that WP-X8 suite which I did purchase has preview handlers built in for all their file types. I currently installed WP-X5 to allow me to install all my customizations from my old machine. The new version will also be installed soon, and the preview handler will work in Windows Explorer (which I don't use) and Opus

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It's a shame if QVP have gone in that direction. I don't understand it either. (Edit: Their website still advertises integration with File Explorer, Outlook and Internet Explorer, so I'm not sure that aspect really has been removed, unless they are blocking specific applications. The price is the main issue.)

But it's great to know that Wordperfect is providing its own preview handler / viewer component now.

Thanks for posting the info here, as it may help someone else looking for a Wordperfect viewer.