Virtual folders in Tree for dismounted drives?

I have a number of external drives but only connect them occasionally when I need to deal with their content. Would like to make a "copy" of the contents of these drives to show up in the tree (just for reference) even when they are disconnected. Is this possible?
Right now I use the Print/Export Folder function to a text file for each drive. But this is quite difficult to navigate especially for large drives.

Ok, I am biased, but this script works really well :wink:

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This doesn't work for me although it may be operator error because scripts are really over my head. I made a button out of the dcf file, then opened a drive in Opus and clicked the button. Opus displays an error, and after aborting that the command prompt window runs, then it asks me to save as a pdf file. And the resulting pdf only contains folders, no files. Am I doing something wrong?

What did the error say?

It was something about not being able to open the location, but I can't get it to repeat. In any event the script ends by trying to print to a pdf and asks to save it, also the destination lister opens C:\dropbox\Mirror with a zero content txt file.
A catalog for external drives is exactly what I am looking for, perhaps I need to use an external program?

Do you have a destination path (e.g. dual/second file display) open when you run the script?

Yes, I almost always use a dual lister. I tried it with a single and at the end of the script it opens the second lister, same as before.

Let me guess: You don't have Dropbox installed and didn't adjust the path in the script.

That's right, I don't use dropbox and you said nothing about that software being required. Also you are assuming that I, unlike 99% of the population, would know how to modify a script like this. I did notice that a line (Please select a drive!) appears to ask for a drive, but it doesn't. I would have thought it would select the drive you have open in a lister. So are you saying I have to edit the script each time I use/update a drive and how?

Find this line near the top of the script:

    var mirrorPath = fsu.Resolve('/dropbox\\Mirror');  // Change here as needed; use double backslashes

Change the /dropbox\\Mirror path to where you want the dummy files/folders to stored.

(/dropbox is a folder alias. You can use another alias, or a full path, as needed. Just remember that if you use any \ characters, you need to double them up as \\ because of Javascript's string syntax.)

For example, if you wanted the dummy folders to be placed into C:\My Stuff\Offline Drives you'd change the line to:

    var mirrorPath = fsu.Resolve('C:\\My Stuff\\Offline Drives');  // Change here as needed; use double backslashes
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I've tried everything suggested and all it does is create a txt file in that Offline Drive folder. And now dropbox wants to take up space on the tree, which I never ok'd.

Thanks to lxp and Leo for help, but frankly this is a classic example of why I hardly ever even try scripts. If you are a coder I'm sure they are great. But if you aren't, like 99% of folks, they are just too much trouble. Unless they work right out of the box (ie copy & paste), and they never seem to, it's just a massive time sink trying to figure out how to make them work or modify them. I could plug in and unmount drives 600 times with the time already spent on this and it still doesn't work. I've tried a number of other scripts here on the forum and don't remember a single one that worked. I'm sure it's because I don't know how to deal with them, but Opus should have a simpler way to do custom functions without someone having to learn javascript or be some kind of programmer.

Anyway I assume the answer to whether Opus will do this is no. But with as many people who use external drives I would think this should be a feature, or at least have a more robust folder list function. So here is my vote for that. Thanks again for your time.