Vista Corner Backgrounds

These background images are modified versions of the 256x256 icons from Windows Vista.

The backgrounds are available in two sizes:


The images have been cropped to look good in the bottom-right corner of an Opus lister.

They have been saved in the PNG format with 80% translucency so that they will look good on all background colours, not just white, and so that text written over the top of them will remain easy to read.

The image below lets you see all of the images that you'll find in the two archives. (It shows the source images at full opacity. The images in the archive will be more like those in the other screenshots.)

The image below demonstrates the way the backgrounds will look good against various background colours.

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Great stuff Leo,

Question, from your screenshots it lookes like you have different backdrops for different folder content types. Are the screenshots you've put there just for illustration or are they for real? I've checked the Folder Formats under preferences and its possible to select a image for a Content Type Format but its limited to only the default images defined under Images. Wouldn't it be nice to have a selectable choice beyond the default Standard Toolbar|File Display| Folder Tree Images? Or have i overlooked something?


The screenshots are all real. In Preferences - Display - Images you can add as many extra images to the list as you like.

I too am confused as to how to make certain images show for different locations. eg, how do I make the 'S Disk Network' show when i am connected to a FTP site, the photo one for in my pictures and so on?

I have had a read through the FAQ but I guess I missed this specific thing? :confused:

  • Open the Preferences window.
  • Add the images you are interested in to the list in Display - Images.
  • Click Apply.


  • Go to Folders - Folder Formats and edit/add the formats for folders/types-of-folders that you want images for.
  • For each Folder Format that you edit, go to the Options tab and select an image from the drop-down list.

Ahhh! I knew it had to be something simple..

My thanks :smiley:

Fan-tas-tic !

Is it possible to set the background images for a lister displaying a System Folder i.e. the Recycle Bin with the image of a recycle bin as the background?

I have read through the above and the FAQ but can find no reference to adding a background image to these folders.

I know that the folders are 'supplied' to DOpus from Explorer - and I cannot see a way of configuring background images through that program.

Currently, my Recycle Bin displays the same image a the C:\ drive - which I am able to configure.

Preferences / Display / Options / Enable background images in virtual folders

From the manual for this option:

EDIT: I may be having a blonde moment but I can't see a way to configure the recycle bin for this though.

I have enabled this and I see background images in the recycle bin lister - but it displays the last one used by that lister before going to the recycle bin. I assumed (rightly or wrongly) that because Nudel had included a Recycle Bin image in his collection in the first post, that there was a way to add such an image to the appropriate folder.

From the manual for this option:

I had read this and understood it - so went looking for a way to add background images to virtual/system folders using Windows Explorer and ...

EDIT: I may be having a blonde moment but I can't see a way to configure the recycle bin for this though.

... neither can I - unless I too am having a blonde moment (more than likely at my age).

From some other discussion I remeber that there are problems with overriding Recycle Bin in this matter (ie. colors, background etc.).


okay, maybe another silly question, since I can't find the answer. On the very first picture that nudel posted, you can see that the image shows even on the shaded color. On my setup, it's not like that, if that shaded area moves over the image, that part of the image can't be seen. So how do you make it fully transparent so that it can be viewed even in that shaded color area? thank you..

Have a play with these options and see what you find :slight_smile:

If you want to reproduce my settings then:

Go to Preferences - Display - Fields and set the Current sort field background colour to RGB 222,223,237.

Then go to Options and set the Blend things as shown below.

Whether Blend row and column background colors should be on or off is a matter of taste and depends on the colours you use for file selection. Having the option on is nice because the row colours for special folders and for duplicate groups will show through the sort column's background. If that were the only effect then I'd turn the option on. Unfortunately the option also dims the file selection colours (even when the lister is active) which I find makes them difficult to see, so I turn it off.

Many thanks Jon & Nudel, all good to go now, thank you again... :smiley:

So did anyone ever find out how to add an image for the Recycle Bin?

Also. I have not been able to add any of the system folders to the Folder Formats. The OK button stays greyed out.

EDIT. I moved my images to the images folder, then reset all the folders, then re-added them, but no pictures will display anymore.

EDIT: I found that DOpus won't read the images in the images folder. I created another folder to put the images in. I still can't get the system folders to display images in Vista.

I wanted to say Thanks for these! They look great, and I have been playing or working as you like, with them, getting things set up, enjoying it, sometimes frustrating, but I've learned a great deal about which settings, where, change folder formats, and which ones override others, etc, so it has been helpful that way as well. Thanks again!


Hi -

Could you tell me what you do or use to make your tittle bars (the purple-ish one's) look like that ?? It really looks cool.


It's called "Windows Vista" :slight_smile:


Is there any chance you could post the background for collections like the one I see you use in this thread please?

I don't see it in the current zip files.