I just got a new machine with 64-bit Vista Business and am using Opus x64. I'm trying to create a button that will let me make links. The button right now has just the simple command "Copy MAKELINK=auto", which I'm pretty sure should create a link of some type in the destination for the selected files/folders in the source. Sadly, it appears to be doing nothing.

As an experiment I changed it to "Copy MAKELINK=auto TO=ask". It prompted me for the destination and then apparently did nothing.

I had all this working fine under 32-bit XP. Is there some magic I have to do under Vista to get this to work.

As a potentially related side note, I was able to use Vista to create a junction using mklink on the command line after assuming full administrator privileges. Could this issue possibly be related to the wonderful Vista security features?

Disregard the original message. It's working now. I changed the command to "Copy MAKELINK=softlink" and it created a link. I changed it back to use "auto" and it created a link.

I swear it did nothing at all when I wrote the original message, but it's fine now. Sometimes I really hate computers.